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2013-14 Year-End Summary

SCC NMWA had a busy and eventful year with fun, interesting and informative events.

We kicked-off the year in July with a tour of the exhibition June Wayne: Eloquent Visionary at Louis Stern Fine Arts.  Maria Chambers, the gallery director, provided an informative tour of the exhibition.  June Wayne is a renowned artist and print-maker, director/founder of Los Angeles’ Tamarind Lithography Workshop, and truly a “visionary”.  Some members remembered visiting her studio and her inclusion in our exhibition Generation of Mentors that was exhibited at NMWA, Mt. St. Mary’s College Gallery and at the Fresno Art Museum.  Lunch followed on the patio of Il Piccolino Restaurant.

In August we were off to the Getty Center for a really fun Scavenger Hunt!  Attendees were divided into groups, given a list of questions in each of the Getty galleries to find answers to within a defined time limit with prizes for the winning team.  Everyone had a great time searching the galleries for the answers to their questions.  Following, the Scavenger Hunt many members enjoyed lunch at the Getty Restaurant or Cafeteria.

September found twenty lucky first responders touring the home and collection of Dallas Price-Van Breda - a Trustee and Founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art.  She has an extensive collection of contemporary art in her many-leveled beautiful home designed by architect Ray Knapp.  Lunch followed at Michaels in Santa Monica

A General Meeting, followed by lunch, was held in October at the home of Co-President Marilyn Levin.  Members agreed to investigate participating in NMWA’s Women to Watch 2015.  This year’s theme is “Flora and Fauna”. Judy Jones and Mary Zinser are chairing this committee.  It was also voted to pursue sponsorship of the June Wayne exhibition to be held at the Pasadena Museum of California Art in the spring. . Mary Zinser will contact the Museum Director.

In November we visited the studios of Gwen Samuels and Doni Silver Simons at The Santa Monica Art Studios.  Gwen does amazing sculptural one-of-a-kind digital photography, printed on transparency and hand-stitched.  Doni is a painter, installation, and performance artist. Both artists discussed their work.   We then went to Il Moro Restaurant for lunch followed by a short general meeting.  Members voted to participate in NMWA’s Women to Watch 2015 at a total cost of $5000 due in 2015 and to provide a $10,000 sponsorship of the exhibition June Wayne: Paintings, Prints & Tapestries opening May 4, 2014 at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

Our Annual Holiday Party was held in December at Upstairs 2.  A boutique by Rho Designs was enjoyed by attendees prior to the luncheon.  Sarah Cain, a contemporary artist, gave an informative talk and slide show about her work and installation art.  She .employ a variety of materials including traditional canvas, stretcher bars, and paint, but also introduces unusual and poetic artifacts: from musical notations to leaves and branches, expanding outside of the two-dimensional plane of the canvas and into the surrounding environment, creating many site-specific installations.

A General Meeting was held in January at the lovely home of Judy Jones.  Ilene Gutman, Deputy Director, Museum Advancement and National & International Affairs was the guest speaker.  She provided an update on NMWA and the other national and international committees. Mary and Judy reported on the Women to Watch 2015 progress.  Corrina Peipon, Assistant Curator, Hammer Museum agreed to recommend artists for the exhibition.  She has recommended 5 artists whose work satisfies the criteria of “Flora and Fauna”.  Visits with the artists will be arranged in the following months.  Submissions for the selected artists are due to NMWA by Judy 1. Following the meeting, we enjoyed a delicious catered lunch on Judy’s patio.

We were off to Torrance in February to a juried art show with over 110 paintings, sculptures and assemblages in the spacious South Bay Lexus Service Center.  The show was curated by member Jody Wiggins.  Several of the artists joined us to discuss their work.  Lunch followed at The Depot.  On our way back to LA, we stopped at the Torrance Art Museum for a guided tour by the museum director of their exhibitions.

In March, we journeyed to Ojai to visit the Beatrice Woods Center for the Arts, where we had a guided tour of the center and exhibitions.  Our next stop was the home and studio of artists Alice and Richard Matzkin who both spoke about their work and lives.  Painter Alice Matzkin and her sculptor husband, Richard, contemplate growing older in their paintings and sculptures. They have written an award-winning art/inspiration book, THE ART OF AGING: Celebrating the Authentic Aging Self, produced a documentary DVD, WOMEN OF AGE: Portraits in Wisdom, Beauty and Strength, featuring paintings and interviews of elder inspiring women, and designed a wall calendar, NAKED TRUTH: Celebrating the Beauty of the Aging Feminine Body, featuring paintings of nude elder women age 58 to 87.  Following the tours we stopped at Suzanne’s Cuisine for a delightful lunch before heading back to LA.

A General Meeting was held in April at the home of Carol Halperin. Education Chairs Joan Mills and Randy Hagan discussed their visit to Paros Los Niños School.  Attendees voted to contribute $500 to the school for art supplies now and ad additional $500 next year.  Joan and Randy will investigate the possibility of members visiting the school.  Members also voted to include a tax-deductible donation of $25 to the cost of our “Days of Art” since this is our major-means of fundraising.

Our Annual Membership Luncheon was held on May 7 at Guido's Italian Restaurant.  Our guest speaker was Michele Houston, designer and craftswoman, book author and illustrator. Michele shared her new illustrated folktale The Wonderful Healing Leaves.  She discussed the process of illustrating and publishing her book.  Copies were available for sale.  A delicious lunch was enjoyed by all.

In May, Joan Mills, Randy Hagan, Carol Halperin, Marilyn Levin and Mary Zinser toured the Paros los Niños School.  Only 5 persons were able to attend in order not to disrupt the classes.  We visited classes throughout the school and observed the teachers and the extensive use of art in all the classrooms.  Everyone was very impressed with the school.  We then traveled to a nearby woodworking firm for a very interesting tour of the operations there. Following the tour we went to lunch at The Factory Kitchen.  Plans are being made for a presentation about the school so that more members can become familiar with their excellent program and how there are using art in the school.

In June, members were invited to a special tour of June Wayne: Paintings, Prints, and Tapestries at Pasadena Museum of California Art prior to the day’s opening of the museum.  Jenkins Shannon, Museum Director, welcomed the group and thanked us for our sponsorship which enabled them to produce the excellent exhibition catalog.  Attendees were given a 15% discount at the museum shop for the day.  Jay Belloli, co-curator of the exhibition provided an informative guided tour of the exhibition.  Jenkins and Jay were our guests for lunch at the nearby McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant.  Following lunch, we stopped at the USC Pacific Asia Museum for a guided tour.

Submissions were made in late June for the artists from Southern California whose work will be considered for the Women to Watch 2015.  The artist Jennifer West, Violet Hopkins, Jennifer Celio and Kathleen Ryan were submitted.  Their work is varied ranging from works with film, pencil and acrylic paint on paper, graphite pencil on paper, and sculpture.

Information about each of the artists can be found on their websites:

           Jennifer West

Violet Hopkins

Jennifer Celio

Kathleen Ryan

We will be notified by NMWA of their selections in November.

Plans are already underway for another year of fabulous programs!



On August 28, SCC NMWA members and guest enjoyed a delightful Art Scavenger Hunt at the Getty Center museum.  The attendees were broken into teams and each team was given a list of questions relating to works in the various galleries of the museum with the challenge to find the answers to twenty-two of the thirty questions within an hour and a   half.  I’m sure we all looked at the works in the galleries with new eyes and learned a lot about the works that we had never noticed before!  Following the hunt, we enjoyed a no-host lunch at the Getty.  Thanks to Marilyn and Janet organizing such a fun day!



We kicked off the summer and start of another year by visiting the Louis Stern Fine Art Gallery on July 24 for a tour of June Wayne: Eloquent Visionary Gallery Tour.

Maria Chambers, the gallery director, providee a lively and informative tour of the exhibition.  June Wayne is a renowned artist and print-maker, director/founder of Los Angeles’ Tamarind Lithography Workshop, June Wayne (1918 – 2011), and truly a “visionary”.  Some of you may remember visiting her studio and that she was included in the SCC NMWA exhibition Generation of Mentors that was exhibited at NMWA.


Beyond her revelatory career as an artist, Wayne served as a lightning rod for arts advocacy.  She wrote extensively on women’s rights and artist’s rights.  By virtue of her exquisitely crafted examples and her meticulous instruction via Tamarind, she championed the legitimacy of all print media, almost single handedly rescuing lithography-as-art-form from extinction.  She made tapestries, paintings, and prints of every imaginable variation.  In person and via her art, she was and is a force to be reckoned with.

Following the tour, we enjoyed a refreshing lunch at Il Piccolino Restaurant.


The Annual Membership Luncheon on May 9, 2013 concluded our events for this calendar year.  Margaret Black, our Membership Chair planned a day trip to Pasadena to visit the Art Center College of Design.  We met in the Studio of the Art Printing curriculum.  Gloria Kondrup, Professor and Director of Archetype Press at the college welcomed us warmly and proceeded to show us around the studio and to demonstrate the various processes used by those engaged in this type of Art Press Printing.  This is an old method of printing and much of the machinery has been resurrected from various press rooms that are no longer in use in the Southland. 

Ms. Kondrup demonstrated how this printing method has become an art form.  The group was fascinated by the space and color usage to create a variety of interesting art works.

Following the tour, the group went to lunch at Café Bizou.  Following lunch, a general meeting was held to confirm and install the Board of Directors for 2013-14.


Co-Presidents                                 Janet Barnet, Marilyn Levin

Recording Secretary                        Donna Sussman

Corresponding Secretary                 Diane Braverman

Treasurer                                        June Sattler

Membership                                    Margaret Black

Roster                                            Nan Yoshida

Board Hostess                                Ellen Seidman

Programs                                        Jackie Nach

Education                                        Joan Mills & Chloe Smith

Acquisitions/Women’s Exhibits         Mary Zinser

Historian                                         Pat Marshall

Web Site                                         Mary Zinser

Ex-Officio                                        Kathy Todd


Phyllis Berger, Lanie Bernhard, Babe Eagle, Betty Finkel, Ava Fries, Judy Jones, Dalia Ulmer and Jo Valiulis

The Out-going President, Kathy Todd was thanked for her leadership during the past year and for her many years of service to the organization and presented with a small token of appreciation from the members.





This year has been busy with wonderful events each month for our members and guests.  In January we visited the Skirball Museum and toured the exhibit Women Hold Up Half The Sky, a groundbreaking new exhibition inspired by the critically acclaimed book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

In February, we visited the beautiful contemporary and art-filled home and studio of Paula Rosen on the Venice Canals. Her whimsical mosaic art pieces and sculptures are made from antique jewelry, glass, pearls, various chains, silver & gold, chandelier pieces and other decorative items. Her one-of-a-kind jewelry is made from broken pieces of ceramic, metal, glass and wood and transforms it into new memories for the future.  Her work is found in galleries and boutiques and is trend setting in high fashion.  She discussed her art and jewelry.  After shopping, we enjoyed lunch nearby.

In March, we had an exclusive before hour’s tour of In Wonderland: THE SURREALIST ADVENTURES OF WOMEN ARTISTS IN MEXICO AND THE UNITED STATES at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Ilene Fort, co- curator of the exhibition and LACMA’s Gail and John Liebes Curator of American Art, led the tour.  We were very fortunate to be able to tour the exhibition before the museum was open to the public. 

In April, we will be visiting two galleries for exhibitions of Southern California women artists.  We’ll be seeing Two Solo Exhibitions:  Ruth Weisberg:  Now & Then and Claire Falkenstein:  An Expansive Universe at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Inc.  Ruth Weisberg has been invited to speak to us about her art and Jack Rutberg will talk about Claire Falkenstein.

We will then go to Louis Stern Fine Arts for Samella Lewis and the African American Experience. The Gallery Director Marie Chambers has invited Samella Lewis to speak to us.  Following our tours we have lunch at Capitol Grille.  We hope you will all attend and bring a guest!

In May 2, we will have our Spring Membership Luncheon.  Our speaker will be Suzanne Muchnic who will speak about her forthcoming book on Helen Lundeberg.  The luncheon will be held at “Fig and Olive”.  Members are encouraged to bring guests.


SCC NMWA’s Annual Holiday Brunch and Boutique was held on December 6, 2011 at the Luxe Hotel Sunset Blvd.  Our guest speaker was Ilene Gutman, NMWA Deputy Director Museum Advancement National & International Affairs.  She filled us in on what was happening at NMWA and the plans for the museums 25th Anniversary.  She also thanked SCC NMWA for their support to the museum through the years and for our gift of the Helen Lundeberg painting for the anniversary. 

It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed shopping at the nineteen artisans at the boutique and the wonderful omelet bar.

SCC NMWA's 25th Anniversary Gift to NMWA

The Art Acquisition Committee was busy this summer reviewing the list of California artists provided by NMWA that they would like to add to their permanent collection. The committee was chaired by Judy Jones with members Marilyn Levin, Kathy Todd and Mary Zinser and Donna Sussman an ex-officio member. The goal of the committee was to purchase a piece to commemorate the 25th anniversary of NMWA.

The committee researched each artist. After comparing their findings, they selected Helen Lundeberg. She is a prominent Southern California artist who was part of the post surrealism movement. She died in 1999 and Louis Stern Gallery is the representative of her work. Helen Lundeberg appealed to the committee because an oil painting of a nice size that would be very quintessential California could be acquired with our approved budget. For Helen's catalogue and raisonne see

The committee visited the Louis Stern Gallery and selected four works to send photos of to NMWA. NMWA selected one of the works, Shadow of the Bridge 1, 1962 as shown. The work was shipped to NMWA for presentation to the NMWA Selection Board’s at their September meeting. The piece was accepted by NMWA.



Helen Lundeberg (1908 – 1999)
Shadow of the Bridge 1, 1962

Helen Lundeberg, Shadow of the Bridge 1, 1962_467


At our annual planning meeting, it was decided to continue wiwth an Executive Committee of Barbara Chayne, Nan Yoshida and Donna Sussman with Donna serving as Coordinator. All existing board members are willing to continue for the next fiscal year with the exception of Judy Jones who will become Member at Large due to her travel schedule. Diana Braverman will take over as Corresponding Secretary. Chloe Smith, who recently moved back to Los Angeles and rejoined, has agreed to join the board as a Member at Large and help where needed.

Programs will be coordinated by Janet Barnet and Marilyn Levin and they will be asking members to assist with the planning of each program. The goal is to have different members plan each month's program. If possible, the programs will generally be planned for the 4th Wednesday of each month from August through April so that members can mark their calendars to reserve the date. If you would like to participate in planning a program, or just have suggestions for a program, contact Janet.

Jackie Nach will again chair our Holiday Boutique. She needs committee members to assist with the planning of the event and to assist on the day of the event. If you would like to assist or your have artists to suggest for the boutique, please contact her.


Annual Holiday Brunch and Boutique

SCC NMWA's Annual Holiday Boutique was held December 1, 2010 at the Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard. Ninety-three members and guests enjoyed a delicious brunch with an omlet bar.

This year's boutique featured all new vendors with clothing, accessories, bags, jewelry, baby clothess, throws, ceramics and much, much more! There were excitiing raffle prizes donated by the vendors. The boutiques opened at 10:30 with brunch at 11:30 and shopping until 2:30. Everyone enjoyed the vendorss and found many gifts.

We know everyone enjoyed the shopping and the brunch and are looking forward to next year's event!

Many thanks to Jacqualine Nach and her committee for organizing such a successful event.


The SCC NMWA board voted to sponsor two exhibitions of women artists.

Eva Hesse Spectres 1960, at the Hammer Museum, is an exhibition of seminal and rarely seen paintings by legendary artist Eva Hesse (1936-1970). Created when Hesse was just 24, this group of nineteen semi-representational oil paintings stands in contrast to her later minimalist structures and sculptural assemblages, yet constitutes a vital link in the progression of her work. This is the first exhibition to exhibit these works as a group. We will tour this exhbition on October 6 (See members section for invitation.)

The Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World) is at the Skirball Cultural Center. This exhibition is the first major museum survey of the work of Maira Kalman. An illustrator, author and designer, she illuminates contemporary life with a profound sense of joy and a unique sense of humor. You may have seen one of her New Yorker Magazine covers, read one of her children's books to your child or grandchild, or seen her illustrations in Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style." We will tour this exhibition on November 17, 2010. (See members section for invitation.)

Annual Membership Luncheon

On May 26th, 61 members and there guests enjoyed a wonderful luncheon at the Culver City Hotel. Our guest speaker was Christine Byers, Public Art and Historic Presentation Coordinator for Culver City. Christine implements initiatives that support Culver City as an emerging arts center within greater Los Angeles, Her prior work experience includes working in the Design and Installation Department of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. She discussed the Culver City art scene and the upcoming Art Walk.

Kathy Todd, out-going president, introduced the officers for the coming year. A planning meeting will be held on July 14 and all members were invited to participate in plans for the comming year.

Rachel Whiteread Exhibition at Hammer Museum

The Rachel Whiteread Drawings exhitibion, co-sponsored by SCC NMWA, opened January 31, 2010 and continued through April 25, 2010. Members were invited to the Director's Reception prior to the opening and also received exhibition catalogs and temporary museum memberships for the duration of the exhibition. In addition, on Februrary 2 members enjoyed lunch at the museum followed by an excellant tour of the exhibition with the exhibition curator, Allegra Presenti. The invitation for this event is in the members section.

The Hammer is the first museum retrospective of drawings by British artist Rachel Whiteread. While her sculpture is well known and widely published, Whiteread's work on paper has remained largely behind the scenes. In this exhibition, Whiteread's drawings were accompanied by key examples of her sculptural work.

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